a few words

  • thank you Timnas Indonesia! let's fight Malaysia in final☺
  • Congratulations to all the indonesian football fans for their win. Enjoy!
  • We proud with you Gonzales! Thanks for the goal :)) Let's fight in Final!!
  • Congratulation Timnas Indonesia!!!! you deserve that goal. Gonzales is a life saver. Go fight win on the final! :D"
  • Malaysia vs Indonesia....... Go fight Unyil! Let's knock out Upin Ipin!
  • Congrats Indonesia! Goes to final! Semoga jadi juara AFF tahun ini. Amin \(•̃-̮•̃)/*
  • Congratulation Indonesia!!! I'm so proud of TimNas, especially my 9onzales. You guys so rock, loveya♥
  • CONGRATS, u did it guys! @markusharison @bepe20 @arifsuyono @Bustomi_19 @hamkahamzah23 @yongki_ari @ridwan_eng @m_roby16 @juansyah_19 dll
  • Congratulations Indonesia! We're going to final ☺ Garuda di dadaku ♥
  • Congratulation Indonesia!!!!\m/
it's just a few words from us, to the indonesia national team. once again, congrats indonesia!!! we proud of you! we proud of being one of you!! mari kita sikat malaysia hahahahhaa

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