thankssss god finally i can watch my favorita evah interview!!! ive been searching for this one for about..... some centuries, HEHEHEHE lebay parah.

the most lol-ing questions and answers
tom: do you prefer chocolate or strawberry?
dan: chocolate! im not stupid

tom: so, hogwarts celebs. which famous person would you most like to spend the day with?
james: my brother
tom: ow, how nice, James. your brother! and i'm sure Oliver will return the favor and say James
oliver: David Beckham
tom: you ungrateful weasel

by the way, ughhhhh!*@#^!*@^ devon is sooooooooooo OMG! and tom's hair look like an alayers :p -_- but still hensemmmm :3

anddd i loveeeee the way tom say 'quidditch' swoo britishy :*

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