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13. During that Potions class in their 6th year, the one with the Amortentia, while all the girls went closer for a better sniff, Draco stood right at the back, unmoving. No matter how far he was from the actual potion, he couldn’t help but smell something delightful. It smelled like a sweet and fruity perfume; like freshly printed books, like new quills and parchment and there was a very faint scent of floral shampoo. Draco froze, because he knew that scent, he just couldn’t place who it was that smelled like that. He brushed it off and forgot about it until his Defense Against the Dark Arts class later that afternoon. He was late and the only seat left was behind know-it-all Granger. He took his seat and as he breathed in, he stopped short. He couldn’t believe he was that thick as not to remember Granger’s enticing scent.

arwwwwwrr how sweeettttt Draco was

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