you guys should know.....

...... that i dont know why, now im so in mood in updating this blog. HAHA

...... that diknas has given the student too much unimportant-seagames-homework to be done

...... that i extremely confused decided which homework that i have to do first

...... that i need more holidaysssss to do up all of the tasks

...... that MY HISTORY TASK HAS JUST BEEN ACCIDENTALLY REMOVED T________T so i have to write it. again.

thats all dalila's curcol yah. dalilanyah wants to continue doing up her history's homework. huhuhu:'''''''

salam gawl celamanah kawandh-kawandh.
keep im0ed,
dalila 'ga pake h' putri

by the way, indonesia leads in SEA Games by collecting 33 gold, 25 silver, and 13 bronze. with sum 71 medals!!!!!! woohooooooo, keep spirit Indonesia. i know we can win it \:D/

dudu again for now ._.

p.s: ignore my ultra-mess grammar

random news:

and, ive just read the most lawak comment in xb's group

aduuuh, bener2 aX-\Burd yaaaah ;____;

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