error...everyt-h-i-n-g went error

WHAT THE HELL HAPPENED WITH TWITTER, LOOKLET, AND MY PHONE????? THEY CANT BE USED NOW OMGGG-______- when i desperately need 'em, they annoy me. sucksssssss ohhhhh.

1. twitter: i always twitting by web. almost never. and now, the web went error. i cant tweet anything. the timeline dont want to refresh and just stuck with the old-other ppl-tweet, oh goddd. but, its still k. bcause i can open it by mobile web, altough which is not as comfortable as the main web. twitter web, plizzzz comeback switih *stressed

2. looklet: a few hours ago, looklet went normal after its masa jahiliyah. it really makes me kalap and after that i made a lot of(read: only 3) looks. but after i did solat maghrib, when i want to save my fourth look, this shit appeared

whatta, hhhhh.....its just like: PLIS DEH. this time i want to ngegeplak both of koneksi internet gue dan server looket yg ultra bolot

3. my phone: the another shit happened on my phone. i cant open my music player. even if i can open it, it needs a gazallion years. k, a lil bit excessive. btw this is my uglyalaykampung phone. a really jadul-abis handphone kan...... oke seenggaknya gue bersyukur deh masih dikasih hp. dan kemaren gue abis (gasengaja) matahin stylusnya. oke, gue pake deh stylus cadangan. EH patah juga yg satu. nasi.....b. ini nih benda yg lg gue butuh, ada yg mau beliin atau ngasih satu ke gue? huhu T_T But finally now, the things are back to normal again!!!!!!! errrr, except looklet deh. shityoulooklet!

oke, gue tadi online chat fb, tiba2 igun (tmn sekelas gue pas kls 7) nyapa gue, I: Igun, G: gue

real convresation:
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yagitudeh. lo?
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baik !
like status gw dong
lo lanjutin dmn?
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ahtau nih galau 38 gue
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mn tuh?
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lenteng gitu
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dah lo like blm?
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JADIII kesimpulannya itu: igun ngechat gua cm minta di likein statusnya................oke.........*minum racun tikus* bye!

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