ive just watching video when far east movement came to indonesia on march, 15th. im like... ow ow ow ow, im like ow ow ow ow......envy so much with who watch it. it looks like if i were there, i might die die die keinjek orang-orang. it looks like a fun concert, hahhhh mau nonton bgt maszauolowh. IT SEEMSSSS, when FEM sang like a g6 i know that the audience went crazy till drop saking hebohnya loncat-loncat. AHHHHH FAREASTMOVEMENT IF YOU WANT TO GO BACK TO JAKARTA DONT FORGET TO CALL ME FIRST (?) SO I CAN WATCH YOUUU~~~~ ulalalah ew iri parah sm yg nonton. lagian sapa suruh kemaren dtg pas gue lg ujian-ujian ah you make me mad you knowh. to you who watch it, you were a really lucky, guys. im in love with far east movement since i watched my sister playing nightclub city, a jebot years ago, even before irfan bachdim play for timnas indonesia. fufufufu, k, 17 days again to my day!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! bahbay ppl sorry for my berantakan english dan grammar fail-_-

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