ada bule lg curhat!!! ada dalila sok psikolog :p

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Stranger: heey can I rant/ask advice of you?
Stranger: hahaha
You: hey
Stranger: :)
You: why not
Stranger: ok let me just copy and paste
Stranger: one second
You: let me wait
Stranger: So I know this guy and he's amazing. He makes me feel like super happy and amazing inside and he always called me "babe" and he hugged me everyday and told me he loved me and we had so many things in common and he'd always basically flirt with me and he'd just make me feel so happy. And we'd always joke around and we'd make plans to hang out and everything. So I really started to develop feelings for him, you know?
Stranger: nd then so my best friend was like "You've gotta tell him. He obviously likes you back" but i didn't knoow if he was just being sarcastic all the time or if he actually felt something too
Stranger: and so I told him the other day and he said that he was happy I told him and that it meant a lot but he didn't say he liked me back
Stranger: and I was like "Omg I feel so bad. I'm so sorry if I made things awkward."
Stranger: and i felt super stupid
Stranger: and so I went to a party today and he was there and he was being all awkward the entire time and I wanna act the way I did before I told him I liked him, but the thing is I'm naturally bubbly and with him I'd flirt all the time so if I did that now he'd think I was desperate
Stranger: but anyway I really like this guy and he doesn't like me back and I just feel stupid and now things are awkward between us and I really just wish that we could be friends again. nothing more
Stranger: so how do I tell him that? I wish I could take back saying I like him because I feel foolish
You: you can say to him that you like him
You: but he dont have to be ur boyf
Stranger: I did.. that's what made things awkward.
You: yeaaa, just tell the truth
Stranger: thanks :)
You: he may need several time to think about it
Stranger: thanks a ton hun
Stranger: <3

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