forwardan dr tumblr

1) what’s your name?
Dalila Putri Arieka
2) how old are you?
3) where are you from?
4) when’s your birthday?
June, 1st, 1996
5) what’s your favorite colour?
6) who’s your celeb crush?
tom felton, george craig, sean biggerstaff, .....many mowree
7) how many followers do you have?
only 328 on twitter
8) how many people do you follow?
115 on twitter
9) what did you eat today?
err, chicken, rice, i cant remember-_-
10) what are you wearing?
black t-shirt with shorts
11) what sort of phone do you have?
my dad's old PDA
12) are you a virgin?
of courzeeeeee
13) have you kissed any one before?
yepp. my mom-_-
14) have you ever been drunk?
yeah, love drunk :PPPPPP
15) have you ever smoked weed?
no, i think

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